Terra Preta in India



In line with the Clean India Mission and in the motive of developing non-chemical fertilizers to boost the growing organic farming, we used decayable waste provided by Municipality of Vellore and waste from Vellore Vegetable Market. We used probiotics bacteria that support good health and longevity along with neem leaves to remove bad microorganisms from the decaying rubbish. Then we made partial-burning, because the good bacteria make cultures in charcoal and they help in absorbing nitrogen from air and store it in the soil for nutritious growth of plants. This good bacteria culture has long lasting effect in the soil. This approach is known as Terra Preta (black soil).


In Amazon basin between 450 BCE and 950 CE cultivation lands were intentionally improved using terra preta, because of its self-renewing capacity. Amazonians used terra preta to make the land suitable for the large-scale agriculture needed to support large populations (Mann, C, C., ed. (2005). 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus. University of Texas. ISBN 1-4000-3205-9).


This approach in industrial scale can help in improving health of nationwide cultivation lands.

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